We weld iron, aluminum and stainless steel materials on the TIG-MIG-MAG machine. Pulsed TIG, standalone TIG and CO2.


We perform according to customer requirements and follow the ISO 9001:2015 standard or related standards.


We finish blanks and much more.

CNC machining

We are a proven supplier to the automotive industry. We own a total of 6 CNC lathes for machining.

2x Headstock automat Manurhin KMX 413

  • including accessories and bar feeder
  • Number of axes = 4
  • Cylindrical and tapered threading cycles with threaded and straight exit
  • Impact drilling cycle
  • Minimum programmable increment of 0.001 mm
  • Constant surface cutting speed
  • Tool tip compensation
  • 2 x 32 K memory capacity for programs (each channel)
  • 1 x 32 tool corrections
  • Editing the program during machining
  • Digital interface between the control system and the inverters
  • 2 programming channels
  • 1 x 32 tool corrections
  • Editing the program during machining
  • Digital interface between the control system and the inverters
  • 2 programming channels
  • Test of the program with stationary axes
  • Numerical workpiece counter
  • Optional setting of the number of pieces of parts for each individual tool
  • Optional set the allowed time per slice for each individual tool
  • Monitoring of the breakage of the parting off knife by the program
  • Specifying corrections for the X, Y, Z axes on one screen
  • counterspindle flush
  • Maximum bar passage Ø 16 mm
  • Bar feeder
  • length of the served bar 3 000 mm (+ 4%)
  • Maximum diameter of the served bar corresponding to the maximum possible diameter machined on CNC automatic machine

2x Headstock automat

  • including accessories and bar feeder
  • Synchronously driven guide sleeve
  • C-axis on main and secondary spindles indexed to 0.001°
  • Clamping device for main spindle and counter-spindle
  • 12×12 tool holder for at least 6 stations
  • Five-spindle cross drilling unit for live tools
  • Fuse for ejection of parts and kink of parting off knife
  • Parts discharge equipment
  • Blow moulding device for guide sleeve and counter-spindle
  • Separate cooling oil tank with level and flow monitoring
  • Automatic central lubrication unit with oil level monitoring
  • Bar feed tray interface and RS 232 C interface
  • Cylindrical interpolation
  • Polar coordinate interpolation
  • Fixed thread cutting
  • Polygonic function
  • Piece counter
  • Tool wear monitoring
  • Operating hours indicator
  • Attended/unattended operation function
  • Return in the threading cycle
  • Control system in Czech language
  • Conversion kit for application without guide sleeve for machine selection for work with or WITHOUT guide sleeve, including additional bezel
  • Bar feeder
  • Length of served bar 3 000 mm (+ 4%)
  • Maximum diameter of the served bar corresponding to the maximum possible diameter machined on CNC automatic machine
  • Menu control in Czech language

OKUMA LB 3000 EX-MW-C500

  • Turning center OKUMA model LB 3000 EX-MW-C500 (max. turning length 480mm) with control, system OSP-P200L including CE-Mark)
  • Main headstock drive: PREX 22/15kW integral motor
  • Spindle speed: 45-5,000 rpm
  • 80 mm bore spindle, JIS A2-6, integral motor
  • V12 turret (EX) NC head, new radial type for L and M tools (not for VDI)
  • C-axis controlled, 360° with 0.001° positioning accuracy
  • Driven tools in all positions (12x) power 7,1-4,1kW (25min./continuous)
  • Working speed range of driven tools 45 – 6000 rpm.
  • Headstock:
  • Main drive spindle motor PREX 11/7.5kW
  • Counter-spindle speed 50-6000 rpm.
  • Drilling spindle with projection 62 mm, 140 mm spindle end
  • Controlled C axis, 360 degrees, increment 0.001
  • 6" hydraulic feed-through chuck B206-01, hydraulic through cylinder SS1243 and coating tube
  • Auxiliary spindle travel (w – NC axis) W500, 595 mm stroke
  • Auxiliary counter-spindle – part ejector – spring type 33 mm
  • Chuck opening/closing during rotation for both main and secondary spindles (chuck)
  • Chuck opening/closing with M-code with confirmation
  • W-axis overload control device
  • Cooling system – 250W coolant pump
  • Working Area Lighting – Waterproof Fluorescent Lamp
  • Protective cover against cooling and chips
  • Workspace door lock
  • Tent chip tank
  • Foundation and levelling screws
  • 8" hydraulic through chuck N-08-A06-01A, hydraulic through cylinder SS1452 and tow bar
  • Swivel tip MT No.5
  • Chuck opening/closing with M-code with confirmation
  • Lubrication monitor B-1
  • CE-mark a EMC
  • IEC norma standard
  • Double foot chuck control
  • Measuring tools "TOUCH SETTER"
  • OSP-P200L with 15" color touch screen
  • OSP-P200L software ONE TOUCH IGF-ME KIT
  • Inch/Metric switching
  • Workpiece failure detection-control
  • Status indicator light (2 colour lamps) instead of one Touch IGF-Ekit indicator
  • CE-transformer for all types of voltage


  • Main motor of headstock drive type VAC 11/7,5kW (30min./cont.)
  • Headstock speed 50 – 4 200 rpm
  • Headstock flange JIS A2-6, internal drilling diameter 62 mm, rod approx. 50 mm
  • Hydraulic tailstock with retractable pinola with inner cone MT 5
  • NC turret V12 (NC VDI12 option)
  • Manually tilting sensor for tool aiming
  • Cooling pump power 250W
  • Work lighting with halogen emitter
  • Complete covering of works. compartment against coolant and chips
  • ES Door Lock
  • Side chip conveyor, H-type high, articulated
  • Foundation levelling screws and washers
  • Lifting hooks
  • 8" hydraulic chuck through model STRONG, through cylinder and pull pipe including soft jaw set A, B and hard jaw set
  • Swivel tip size MT 5
  • Automatic chuck/opening with M-code with confirmation
  • Lubrication Monitor 'B-1
  • CE mark and EMC (EU electromagnetic compatibility)
  • IEC standard
  • Dual chuck control pedal
  • Control system OKUMA model OSP-U10L with color display
  • Transformer including CE

Custom production

  • processing of production documentation in CAD
  • development of prototypes and samples
  • development and production of simple machines
  • piece and series production of sheet metal parts on CNC laser, TRUMPF 3kW, max. size of parts 3000x1500mm, thickness up to 20mm for steel sheets, up to 12mm for stainless steel and up to 6mm for Al
  • bending on CNC press brake 40 and 175t
  • turning work on single-spindle lathe up to 52mm
  • turning work on NC lathe up to 120mm
  • turning and milling work on conventional machines
  • surface grinding, rotary grinding, centreless grinding
  • pressing of sheet metal parts max. 63t
  • MIG and MAG, WIG and TIG welding
  • Stainless steel processing
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