Social entrepreneurship

Our company is doing everything it can to become a social enterprise. Below are all the requirements of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs that need to be met and our company already meets them.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has defined indicators (distinguishing features of a social enterprise) that should be mandatory for companies claiming social entrepreneurship.  It focuses on five areas – socially beneficial objective, social, economic, environmental and local benefit.

Socially beneficial goal

The socially beneficial goal of our company is to create sustainable job opportunities for people disadvantaged in the labour market (mostly PWD, among our employees you will also find carers, long-term unemployed, mothers on parental leave or people over 50 years of age) and to provide them with adequate work and psychosocial support.

Social benefit

Employment and social inclusion of people from disadvantaged groups

  • Our company employs more than 80% of disabled or disabled people.
  • The total number of employees in recent years has been around 30 people, of which more than 80% of employees are disabled or disabled.
  • Zaměstnáváme osoby těžko umístitelné na trhu práce, jako absolventy, dlouhodobě nezaměstnané nebo osoby předdůchodového věku.

Employee participation in the direction of the company and involvement in decision-making on the direction of the business

Every week we organize meetings of the company's management, which are attended by the top management, who discuss the tasks from the previous meeting, discuss the company's activities for the next days and weeks, and this process also includes shift supervisors and control supervisors who have the opportunity to comment and supplement this.

Minutes of the meeting are created, which all employees have the opportunity to inspect and, if necessary, comment.

If an employee is interested in participating in the meeting, then in agreement with the company's management, he is allowed to do so with the fact that his presence is recorded in the minutes of the meeting. During the meeting, the employee can comment and discuss management decisions. These comments are taken into account and all are individually discussed and addressed. In the case of savings for the company or improvement of conditions, this is evaluated by an extraordinary reward and the company also announces a tender for the "best improvement", which is then selected from all proposals and financially rewarded. All proposals are discussed and suitable of them are implemented.

All employees are acquainted with the company's quality policy, in which the long-term goal and strategy of the entire company is presented. We regularly discuss and comment on this policy.

During the course of the year, we all meet together several times. There are many opportunities, such as company anniversaries or traditions such as Christmas or Easter. The meeting begins with information about the company's achievements in the past period, continues with information about plans and investments for the future. The introductory word of the company owner is followed by a discussion, where all employees have the opportunity to ask questions about the company's top management, about upcoming events, etc. And then refreshments and free entertainment follow.

Integration and development of employees disadvantaged in the labour market through personnel and integration tools

  • Vedle samotného zaměstnání a podpory při vytváření stálých a správných pracovních návyků naše firma poskytuje osobám znevýhodněným i přiměřenou psychosociální podporu a usiluje o maximální rozvoj jejich potenciálu. Zaměstnancům se znevýhodněním je poskytována podpora ve smyslu personálního zabezpečení zohledňující jejich specifické potřeby. Tyto potřeby jsou identifikovány, popsány, následně je dohodnut postup, kterým tyto potřeby budeme naplňovat a zároveň je poté vyhodnocujeme a stanovujeme další cíle. Postup je popsaný ve vnitřním předpisu firmy. V naší firmě uplatňujeme demokratický styl vedení – zaměstnanci se spolupodílí na tvorbě směřování firmy, i když jednatel si ponechává svou odpovědnost v konečných rozhodnutích. Společnost umožňuje zaměstnancům ze znevýhodněných skupin vzdělávání dle individuálních možností.
  • V případě potřeby a zájmu jsme schopni a ochotni poskytnou zaměstnanci půjčku na splacení finančních závazků.
  • Each new employee is evaluated in the Personal Development Questionnaire, which they fill in in cooperation with the manager. Based on this questionnaire, each employee is offered individually training – this is selected in agreement with the company's management and based on the assumptions and possibilities of personal growth of the employee. Every year, the questionnaire is filled in again, the employee's progress, performance and knowledge are evaluated, and then possible advancement or training is offered again.
  • All employees are regularly trained for OSH + FP. This training is provided by an external trainer.
  • Regularly during the year there are professional trainings on the machinery of our company, which is attended by all employees who work with this equipment. These trainings are provided by our technologist and external accredited companies.
  • Each employee has the opportunity to use a contribution to foreign language courses.
  • Všechna tato školení jsou zahrnuta v ročním plánu interních školení, který je volně přístupný všem zaměstnancům a na kterém mají možnost se podílet, připomínkovat a zároveň všechna školení na základě žádosti využít.

Economic benefit

Minimálně 51 % případného zisku je reinvestováno do rozvoje sociálního podniku

Our company reinvests more than 90% of its profit in the development of our company. Last year, for example, we acquired a Toolbox that facilitated the issuance of tools to employees and at the same time helped to better record tools. At the same time, we try to improve our employees' stay at work – we have renovated the kitchen, painted the changing rooms, bought a bicycle rack with a shelter and made many other innovations.

Independence of management from external owner

Our company has a single owner and managing director and that is Mr. Leoš Mallat.

Revenues from the sale of products or services account for at least 30% of total revenues

Revenues from the sale of products and services account for more than 90% of our total revenues.

Environmental benefits

Our company uses energy-saving luminaires, we sort waste (paper, plastic, glass, mixed waste), we use recycled paper, we use recycled toners for printers, we use two-sided printing to the maximum extent possible, our employees commute to work by bike, on foot or in bulk by one vehicle, as all our employees are from close surroundings of the company, we strive to minimize energy consumption (we have purchased a compensation switchboard, which eliminates energy fluctuations and at the same time saves electricity by about 20%) and much more.

Unfortunately, in our industry we can not use eco-friendly materials for production, but we try to make everything easier for nature by using environmentally degradable fluids in our machines (oils and emulsions), at the same time we use environmentally friendly preservatives and for our products we mainly use reusable plastic crates that customers return to us and we will put new products in them next time. In the case of paper packaging, we always use only recycled packaging materials (such as cardboard boxes).

Local benefit

Focus on local needs

Most of our customers and suppliers are local, mainly from the Hradec Králové Region. The most important local customer for us is Vapo spol. s r. o., which has been based in Červený Kostelec since its foundation. Another local company is, for example, Hašpl a.s. based in Velké Poříčí or B.D.H. Kovo from Trutnov. Other large companies with which we cooperate also have their headquarters in the Hradec Králové Region with the fact that they have an expansion throughout Europe – for example, Boltjes International spol. s r.o. is a sister company of Boltjes Serial, which is based in the Netherlands, Saviotechnics s.r.o. is a subsidiary of an Italian company, Trelleborg Boheima is under the auspices of a company from Sweden or the management of Rieter CZ is based in Switzerland and they also have a branch in China.

All our customers are listed in the REFERENCES tab.

Our company closely cooperates with all our customers, individually approach all technological or qualitative discrepancies and at the same time try to support our employees in the production of their products as much as possible – for example, individual training of our employees in the production and inspection of their products, training in their company or individual approach to solving complaints. In this way, we cooperate with all our customers, such as Vapo spol. s r.o., Boltjes International spol. s r.o., Rieter CZ s.r.o. or Trelleborg Bohemia.

Our suppliers are also from the Hradec Králové region. Petr Pchálek, IZOMAT s.r.o., Železářství Melichar – all from Červený Kostelec. Other very important suppliers are Solar spol. s r.o. from Jaroměř, Matezex spol. s r.o. or Ferona a.s. from Hradec Králové.

Cooperation with local actors

  • Recently, our company has established cooperation with the Special Primary School in Náchod, which is attended by physically and mentally handicapped and limited pupils. We are currently preparing for an excursion of pupils to our company, where we will show them our workplace and show them that they do not have to be afraid to study such a field as engineering.
  • This year, we are also planning a discussion directly at the school, where we want to take our employees and we are preparing a small pre-Christmas surprise for the children.
  • Our company also supports local events by contributing funds to local volunteer fire brigades, contributing to balls and various social events.

Employing local residents

All our employees are from the local region within a radius of about 20 km from our company.

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